The research activities of the Institute of General Practice not only describe the special features of care provided by family physicians, but also examine the effects on the quality of care and show what opportunities lie in these special features. Since the doctor-patient relationship plays such a central role in family medicine, it is a particular concern of the Institute to evaluate structural problems and solutions already in medical school and also in specialist training, in order to contribute to good family medicine patient care by improving the training of future physicians. Our research activities are reflected in numerous publications.

Ongoing projects are listed on this page.

Clinical trials
  • CoCo Immunstudie – COVID-19 Contact Immunstudy
  • DEFEAT CORONA – Innovation Network DEFEnse Against Covid-19 Study – Looking forward
  • REGATTA − Less antibiotics for urinary tract infections through treatment with Uva ursi?
  • SCREEN-AF − Screening for early detection of atrial fibrillation in primary care patients
  • Ergo LoCo - Occupational Therapy Intervention for Long COVID Sufferers

Educational research
  • UNITE – Learning and studying together in public health facilities in the Göttingen health region
  • medPJ+ – Medical internship year in a family practice in southern Lower Saxony
Interprofessional care research
  • Interprof Home – Development and testing of an interprofessional person-centered care concept
  • KARDIO – Left heart catheterization for chest pain and CHD
  • KOPAL – Cooperation for palliative quality of life in chronic disease
  • OPTINOFA – Optimization of emergency care through structured initial assessment by means of intelligent assistance services
  • Interprof ACT – Strategies to promote physician-nurse collaboration in nursing homes.
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