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Welcome to the Department of General practice

Patient-oriented research and high-quality teaching are the tasks of the institute - and the binding claim of all employees.

  • Patient-oriented research, e.g. clinical studies with patients to initiate and evaluate new treatment approaches in general practice or studies to improve care structures.
  • High-quality teaching, i.e. medical education as well as further and advanced training, oriented towards criteria of modern medical didactics, with the participation of general practitioners in private practice and the promotion of interprofessional elements.

A committed, interprofessional team stands for this claim to research and teaching. In addition to the director, a specialist in general medicine, this includes staff from medicine, psychology, sociology and nursing sciences, supported by secretarial staff, study assistants and information technicians.

Health care is not provided at the institute itself.

Prof. Dr. Hummers
and the team of the Department of General Practice

Die Direktorin Frau Prof. Dr. Eva Hummers

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Iris Pingel - Secretariat
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Fax: 0551 399530
E-Mail: allgemeinmedizin(at)

Office hours: currently Mon-Fri, 09:00-12:00

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Dr. rer. med. Evelyn Kleinert
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Fax: 0551 399530
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